About Steven - Steven Csorba

Born in 1964, Edmonton Steven Csorba is an artist, community builder and fitness advocate. During a ten year span from 2003-2013, Steven used visual art therapy and community building as a tool to help survive cancer, which included over 10 surgeries and 25 procedures.

Steven has devoted countless hours of community service and encourages others to give back and make community strong. If he has a chance to help others, he does so with all his energy – like it’s the last day of his life. In a nutshell, he’s an artist who grew stronger as a result of battling cancer and believes the idea of “community” should be redefined as “the abundance we all have inside ourselves to help others”.

He led and convinced countless corporate sponsors to come together to build a safe place for endangered traumatized youth at iHuman to turn their life around through creativity and community building. Through the donation of his art and as a dedicated savvy do-gooder, Steven has helped raise over $5 Million for a variety of charities in Alberta.

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